Busy Baking!

Now then you two, I’m glad you could come over today – we are going to bake a cake. I like your pinny, Minty, just the job! Let’s get on then, it will be a certain person’s Birthday soon, so you need to know what to do.

Baking class (1)

This IS going to be fun!

Baking class (11)b

Now, where did I put my rolling pin?

Baking class (5)

Oh! Here it is! Give that a good mix, Minty!

Baking class (3)

Let me check . . .

Baking class (14)

. . . . yes, it’s very flourery!

Baking class (15)

Careful, Monty, the oven will be very hot . . . . it is ready for . . .

Baking class (4)

. . . the cake to go in now.

Baking class (18)

Just time for a quick nap!

Baking class (20)

Ooooooo! Can I smell burning?

Baking class (44)

No! It is alright – look, your cake is perfect.

Baking class (25)

What a productive day we have had – well done!

Baking class (27)

That tomato looks tasty!

Baking class (29)

Now then, can you guess what comes next? The washing up! You should always leave your kitchen clean and tidy.

Baking class (38)

I think we have earned a well deserved nap . . . . . zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Baking class (43)

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  1. heh!
    Fairy is such a natural poser. I love the “ooo can I smell burning?” picture and how she pokes her nose into the oven and the mixing bowl. Its amazing how well she takes direction.

  2. I luv this story. The mice are very good for the camers 🙂

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