It’s A Trap!

Fairy’s friend, Montmorency Mouse, has been in an accident. The ever thoughtful Fairy pays him a visit. Delivering a big bunch of hay which, she is sure, will help Monty to get better.

Mr Mouse and Fairy 1 (2)

She also made a Get Well card for him! See Fairy passing the card

to Monty in this short film.

Mr Mouse and Fairy 2 (13)c

A few days later and Monty is ready to leave the hospital.

Fairy is there with her little trolley ready to bring Monty home!

Fairy takes Mr Mouse out for a spin! (1)

Go steady, Fairy, we know you can see where you are going!

Fairy takes Mr Mouse out for a spin! (9)

Nearly home!

Fairy takes Mr Mouse out for a spin! (3)

Home now! Fairy has invited Mr Bear and Monty to take afternoon tea.

B (9)

How’s your leg, Monty? That is a big bandage.

B (8)

C’mon Monty, tuck in! Pour the tea, Mr Bear!

B (6)

This is lovely, it’s a pity you can’t join us!

B (5)

Join us again soon!

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  1. This is delightful. How thoughtful Fairy is. It would make a lovely Get Well card where she is posing with Monty and the little card.

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