A Romantic Dinner For Two

After their date at the Cinema, Minty and Monty got together again – on St Valentine’s Day! Picture the scene – a romantic dinner for two at a posh restaurant, the lights are low, the music is playing softly. What could possibly go wrong?

Blind Date (27)

Err! Don’t mind me, you two. Carry on, you won’t even know I’m here!

Blind Date (6)

If you don’t want that, I’ll have it – shame to waste it.

Blind Date (20)

It’s nice here, isn’t it?

Blind Date (23)

Waiter! Can they have seconds please?

Blind Date (19)b

Nom, nom, slurp . . . it’s delicious! You would have liked it.

Blind Date (16)

We will come here again, the food’s very good and you get plenty.

Blind Date (17)

Oops, I thought you’d dropped something edible Minty – but it’s only your bunch of flowers!

Blind Date (26)

Go on then, Monty, look sharp! Give her the box of chocs!

Blind Date (2)d

Oh Thank you, Montmorency! The chocolates look beautiful. The whole evening has been delightful – very interesting to say the least!!

Blind Date (28)b

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  1. this is funny to, I like the random threads at the side, I am finding all sorts. they are all very good.

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