In the beginning . . .

I would like to introduce Fairy’s Blog with an inaugural photo tribute.

A Fairy was born . . .

Fairy 10 days old Little card

It was obvious Fairy was going to be exceedingly fond of food . . .

Fairy 6 wheeks old today (10)tu

She likes her salads to be tidy!

Salad servers with Fairy (9)

Lead on, Fairy!

Fairy, Mati & Mari on lawn (4)

A family outing . . .

Piggies riding in their cart! 020809 ADJ (2)

Room for a little one!

Marigold Fairy Matilda in the garden (2)

Fairy’s new Best Friends, Monty and Minty . . .

Minty gets some flowers from Monty (21)

The world’s a scary place!

Fairy in her Fairy CuddleCup Realyl nice

In contemplative mood . . .

Sunny Fairy 090210 (1)

A Fairy in the hand . . .

A handful of Fairy (4)

Fairy’s hero, Pasquale . . .

Fairy and Pasquale bear (3)

Aw, Fairy gets a well deserved hug . . .

Testing the new beds (15)

Goodnight . . . zzzzzzz

Fairy has a nap

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  1. What a gorgeous and inspirational piggy. Thanks you for sharing her Magic – well done!

  2. Thank you very much, MagicMarvels! I hope you enjoy Fairy’s adventures – keep calling back!

  3. I like how baby is right inside baby’s plate. Wow, she sure was/is small. But what a darling. She is so cute tucked up in her little bed with her blanky.

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